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Meet Mason Knowles...

After more than 50 years in the Spray Foam industry, Mason Knowles having worn many hats in the polyurethane industry as contractor, material supplier, manufacturer, equipment manufacturer, trade association professional, educator, and advisor is retiring, except for the odd educational/training session or a few articles and presentations.


Whether you are installing, distributing, manufacturing, specifying or using Spray Polyurethane Foam, Mason Knowles can assist you with experienced, objective and independent consulting.

He is an accomplished author with hundreds of articles, white papers and technical opinions published in national trade journals and magazines over 20 years.

Whether it is an important presentation to a group of prospective clients, a large conference or event, or your own company's sales and technical staff, Knowles can provide just the right presentation, printed literature, education and/or training that you need.

We Offer Help With:


  • SPFA Educational Courses
  • SPF Sales & Marketing Advice
  • Presentations
  • Articles

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